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All CORGI registered gas installers carry a photo-id card that includes the business’s CORGI registration number and a unique operative id. The registration number is often included in the installers advertisements and your installer should be happy to provide it to you when asked. To check a Gas Installer’s registration number or operative id please use the boxes provided on this Website.

Energy Saving Trust

The Energy Saving Trust encourage energy efficiency and the integration of renewable energy sources into the economic fabric of our society. To achieve this thry promote the use of cleaner fuels for transport and better insulation and heating efficiency for buildings and homes and champion small-scale renewable energy, such as solar and wind power.

Hot Water & Heating Council

The Heating & Hotwater Industry Council is an independent organisation dedicated to providing installers, consumers, merchants, manufacturers, industry organisations and government with accurate and unbiased information on all heating and hot water matters. They promote safe practice and compliance with Building Regulations, and aim to give the domestic heating industry one united voice.

Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors

Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors is the Leading Employers Trade Association for the Plumbing and Heating Industry in England and Wales.

Warmfront Grant Scheme

The Warm Front Grant was originally introduced in 2000 and was amended in June 2005 to include Central Heating for all clients and oil central heating for those not on the gas distribution network. The Warm Front Grant provides a package of energy efficiency and heating measures up to the value of £2,700 (except where oil central heating is installed or repaired where a maximum grant of £4,000 is available).

Eaga Partnership

Eaga Group provides services, products and solutions that address the social, environmental and energy efficiency objectives of Government and the private sector throughout the UK, as well as in North America, India and the Republic of Ireland. They are also responsible for administering Warmfront.

Coldbusters Grant Scheme

The Coldbusters grant scheme installs energy efficient heating and insulation measures in private sector fuel poor properties. It is funded by the grant budgets of their partner local authorities, and provides a complete package, generating referrals, taking client enquiries, surveying, appointing installers, processing quotations and managing payments. The Coldbusters Grant Scheme is administered by CEN.

Creative Environmental Networks (CEN)

Creative Environmental Networks is a not for profit organisation delivering a range of services to engage householders, businesses and communities in environmental and social improvement. They are also responsible for administering the Coldbusters Grant Scheme.

Design Fireplaces

Design Fireplaces offers a huge range of fireplaces many of which can be custom made to suit customer’s requirements. Their Adam fireplace range includes traditional, modern and contemporary fireplace styles giving you a vast choice from classic through to modern contemporary Adam fireplaces having built in remote control dimmable ambient lighting.

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