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With real concerns regarding climate change and the need to conserve the worlds dwindling fuel reserves, the government has instigated a number of grant schemes to promote energy efficiency promoted through the Energy Savings Trust.

There are a number of grants available for energy efficiency measures, from insulation, to the latest condensing gas boilers. Providing the relevant criteria is met, you may get a grant to cover the whole or part cost of any insulation or heating installation.

There are currently two major schemes running at the moment as well as an array of smaller schemes. The Heating and Hot Water information website, will give you an informative insight with a link to find grants in your area.

The two major grant schemes are Warmfront administered by the Eaga Partnership and Coldbusters administered by CEN: WARMFRONT 0800 3166011 Coldbusters 020 8683 6600.

For those not on benefits, there is a bewildering range of partial grants available from utility companies. Grants are available from all those who rent privately and owner/occupiers. These depend on the type of home you live in and if you are claiming an entitlement/benefit. To find out the most up to date prices, please call the Advice Centre on 0800 512012. Additionally, your local authority may have separate grant schemes running, therefore, it may be worth giving them a call.

Hounslow Borough Council run such a grant scheme, therfore, if you are a private individual and receive a means tested or disability living allowance or Council Tax Benefit, or have a household income below £20000, you may qualify. If you live in the Hounslow Borough, then please contact their advice centre on 0800 281768.

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