Crystal Powerflush


The Crystal Powerflush method is superior to power flush services offered by other companies, therfore, if you are considering power flushing, please read our process below before you make a decision.

Power flush is a method of restoring heating performance to an old heating systems by connecting a high performance reservoir pump in to the heating circuit, whereby, chemicals are circulated around the system to break down any sludge deposits (Magnatite)

1) Causes

The causes of sludge in a heating system are poor design of the system pipe-work, continual loss of water, whereby, the make up tank or filling device is constantly replenishing the water in the heating system, or simply, as in most cases, the age of the heating system. If the problem is due to poor design and continual water replenishment, these faults will have to be addressed before the power flush is carried out.

2) Indications

If your existing boiler is noisy or if your radiators are cold at the bottom and hot at the top, this usually indicates sludge build up in the bottom of the radiator. This problem is generally resolved by power flushing the system to eliminate unwanted sludge deposits. We have extensively carried out power flushing for many years and have a wealth of experience in this process. Experience tells us, Power flushing alone is not the answer, so, we utilise three pieces of equipment together to provide one of the most complete methods of removing sludge in a heating system.

  • The Magnaclean power flush Filter
  • The Power flush machine
  • The Vibraclean agitator

3) The Process

One of the problems of the Power flushing process is that, dirty sludge water is re-circulated back in to the system. We use a high specification power flush machine and couple this with a Magnaclean power flushing filter. The power flush machine breakdown sludge deposits and brings it back to a point where the sludge is trapped in the powerful magnets of the Magnaclean power flush filter. The water leaving the Magnaclean filter is cleaner and the process continues until the water shows no sign of sludge build up.

To ensure that any radiator deposits are not missed in the Power flushing process, we will use the Vibraclean( picture) along the length of the radiator. This breaks down any difficult deposits and allows the power flush process to clear it from the radiator. Once the system is cleaned, we install water inhibitors in to the system to protect it from any further sludge build up.

4) New Systems

We always recommend that a power flush is undertaken as a preventative measure when a new boiler is fitted to maximise the efficiency of your central heating system. A new boiler is only as good as the existing system and if the system is not power flushed, sludge and debris will find its way in to the boiler and cause the new boiler to become noisy and inefficient.

Combination boilers are particularly susceptible to sludge and in our experience, the majority of service calls for poor hot water performance are due to sludge build up in the domestic heat exchanger. This is even apparent in boilers that have been recently installed in little more than 10 days. Of course, any sludge build up in a new boiler, invalidates the Manufacturers warranty, so please ensure that when you have a new boiler installed, a power flush is carried out.

5) Magnaclean Filter

For added protection, we recommended the installation of a Magnaclean filter in to the return pipe-work of the boiler. This will ensure, any sludge particles circulating are trapped before they enter the boiler.

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