Baxi Back Boiler Installations

baxi back boiler

Replace or Upgrade

If you are thinking of replacing your existing back boiler or simply want to upgrade your existing fire front, we are able to provide a comprehensive installation service. Back boiler installations are a multifaceted process and we have the necessary expertise to carry out this type of task. There new modern Baxi Back Boilers come with superb coal effect fires in designs to suit every taste.

Back Boilers with a new Fireplace

Perhaps you would like a back boiler installed with a fireplace? We have a wealth of experience installing back boilers with fireplaces, be it wood granite, marble or limestone. We have the necessary equipment to work with marble limestone and granite and also have vehicles equipped to transport intricate fireplaces.

Design Fireplaces

We can install a fireplace supplied by your selves or you can visit our preferred partner Design Fireplaces.
We work closely with Design Fireplace, a major provider of quality fireplaces in the south east, so, if you are considering a fireplace with your back boiler, please visit their web site. We will work closely with Design Fireplaces to ensure, the fireplace you have chosen will be suitable for installation with a back boiler, and once an installation date has been agreed, we will act with them to ensure a trouble free installation.

Fire Front upgrade

If you have an old Baxi Back Boiler, you may be able to upgrade to a new fire front without changing your boiler. In many instances, Fireplaces can be installed with these new fire fronts, thereby, making your room more attractive and transforming your living area.

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