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Audit Programs

Audit Checking

To ensure your nominated contactor is carrying out their scheduled work to the required standards, we offer a comprehensive auditing service whether you are a property manager who has to provide evidence of audits on CP12 programs or, perhaps, you want to ensure that all new installations are installed correctly.

We have extensive experience in Audit checking programs which we carry out for Housing associations, Local authorities and Property Managers with large housing stocks. We are on many approved contractor lists as well as being members of Construction line. 

CP 12 Certificates and Servicing Programs

Send us a proportion of your recently completed programs usually 20% and we will carry out the whole process including making all appointments. We will also keep you informed with an updated weekly spreadsheet. On the discovery of any urgent defects, a report will be emailed to yourselves quickly; in most cases, whilst the inspector is still on the premises.

New Installations

Many Property Managers are now taking advantage of this service and are finding the beneficial aspects essential to future CP12 servicing programs. We will test each installation to make sure that it complies with the gas safety regulations and the Manufacturers requirements. We also test the operation and performance of any heating and hot water systems and its components. Any faults will be detailed to yourself, thereby, allowing you to request your contractor to carry out the rectification works immediately , preventing any disputes at a later stage.

Contact Us

Contact Us today or telephone on 0208 758 9799 to find out how we can help you. Just tell us your exact requirements and our helpful staff will be delighted to assist you.